Monday, August 20, 2012

Scott Tucker–one of them, anyway–is paying for spam. (Hope he’s getting his money’s worth.)

About one-third of the comments that appear on Pink Slip are spam. Once in a blue moon, if they are especially ridiculous, I let them through, but mostly I mark ‘em as spam and get rid of ‘em.

As I did with this one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Does anyone actually own a Snuggie?":

Excellent beat ! I would like to apprentice at the same time as you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog web site?

Well, agreed, Pink Slip does have excellent beat! But I’m not taking on any apprentices at present, even though I really should amend my web site.

The account aided me a appropriate deal. I were a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided vivid clear idea scott a. tucker dancing

Well, it didn’t provide me a clear idea. What, pray tell, is Scott A. Tucker dancing?

Then there was this part of the comment which included a couple of links to various Scott Tucker sites. (I have removed the links; don’t want these spammers getting credit for anything.)
scott tucker amg
scott tucker kansas city star
My web page - scott tucker

That Castro Oil ranking of auto racer Scott Tucker revealed him to be 133 in the world, by the way. (We’re Number 133! We’re Number 133!) The other was to Scott Tucker, artist and performer. Could this be one and the same guy? If so, what a polymath!

I found Scott Tucker, racing driver, on wikipedia. While he didn’t appear to be the arting and performing Scott Tucker, he had quite a checkered history that went beyond his recent checkered flag exploits.

In 1991 Tucker was convicted of felony mail fraud and making false statements to a bank and imprisoned for a year. Tucker is currently involved with the private-equity firm Westfund as well as the payday loan company AMG Services. In 2006 Tucker began his interest in motorsports, first participating in the Ferrari Challenge series.

On April 2, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission filed charges against AMG Services. The charges revolve around excessive fees and interest charged to borrowers, in addition to loan terms not being fully disclosed at the time loans are initiated. Tucker was specifically charged in addition to the firm itself.

The wiki categories he’s listed under include both “24 Hours of LeMans Drivers” and “American Fraudsters”. No mention of “Artist” or “Performer.”

On closer inspection of the other Scott Tucker, I found that he was much younger than Scott Tucker, American Fraudster and 24 Hours of Le Mans Driver, and was, indeed, a Texas-based artist and performer. (He’s a member of a “neo-psychedelic band.”) He’s also a movie buff, who’s faves include:

La Dolce Vita, The Great Gatsby, Blow Up (sic), Dead Poets Society, Honey and Clover, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Casa Blanca (sic)

Which one would not expect on the fave list of Scott Tucker, 24 Hours of Le Mans Driver. (Maybe Steve McQueen’s LeMans…)

And gratuitous note to Scott Tucker, artist and performer. It’s Blowup (or Blow-Up) and Casablanca.  Sheesh…

Minor spelling glitches aside, Scott Tucker, artist and performer, has plenty to say for himself:

James Joyce, and even Rod Sterling have all been figures in his work. Tucker believes Western Society lives in a fantastic sort of material chaos only upheld due to a lack of personal objective consciousness.

I double dog dare you to deconstruct that!

“The world of technology has changed our social and moral landscape onto a zoo. My work combines elements of mass consumption, sex appeal, terror, and nostalgia; all four exist together in an orgy we call pop culture. As an artist, I feel it is my duty to illustrate their sociological effects in my work.” Scott Tucker (Source: a site called

Ah, the orgy we call pop culture…

But Scott Tucker, artist, performer, and zoo landscaper, is also Scott Tucker, Jr., who’s son of Scott Tucker, Sr. (no relation to American Fraudster/24 Hours of LeMans Scott Tucker), who’s the founder and jefe of Artworks, which:

…is a world class faux finish and specialty mural company started 30 years ago by artist Scott Tucker Sr.

Which, if you’re in the market, produces stuff like this:

Scott Tucker

Someone in Boston is, apparently, in the market:

Within the next two weeks we will be flying out to bid a massive project in Boston that will most likely fill our entire fall schedule.

Go for it, Scott Tucker, Jr. and Scott Tucker, Sr.

But, if it’s you and not the American Fraudster paying for someone who’s paying for someone whose command of English ain’t so hot to do your search engine optimization for you, you’re at least somewhat wasting your money. If you waste enough of it, there’s always the other Scott Tucker for a pay day loan.

And if it’s Scott Tucker, Number 133 in the Castro Oil rankings, who’s hired these nincompoops to do SEO, well, I guess it’s not true that it takes a fraudster to catch a fraudster.

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