Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Facebook in 5 Mintures - Get Recommended

Today's Tip is centered on promoting your Facebook Business Page by encouraging past customers to write a recommendation on your Facebook Business page.

What is a Recommendation?
When new people become fans of your page, Facebook will automatically ask if they want to write a recommendation however, this is a great venue to have past clients share their story. Recommendations are posted near the top of your timeline posts under 'Friends Who Like' & 'Recent Posts by Others'. These are short snippets that can offer valuable feedback to fans and potential fans.

How to Get Recommendations?
This is not rocket science. Most of the time it comes down to a cold, hard, fact - YOU HAVE TO ASK. Now, maybe you haven't asked because you are worried about what people will say. If you think there are areas that could be improved - improve them! If someone gives you negative feedback - listen! Follow up with them and implement changes. But more than likely people will have nice things to say and giving them a nudge is perfectly okay.

Time for Action
Go to your Facebook business page and create a post that asks for people to write a recommendation. You don't have to be pushy - just ask them to be honest. You might be surprised the things that people point out which will also give you insight into what is important to your fans. When someone does write a recommendation, be sure to say thank you! It only takes 5 minutes a day to improve your Facebook Business Presence.

Facebook in 5 Minutes in April from Qlixite
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